CRRC MA U.S. Supply Chain

For America’s First Transit System, The MBTA

All CRRC MA technology control systems are Buy America compliant, supported by American suppliers, and installed by an American unionized workforce.

CRRC MA focuses on providing modern, efficient vehicles at the most economical price, using the best and most qualified suppliers.

The MBTA Red and Orange Line vehicles are Buy America compliant. Major Buy America compliant suppliers, like Mitsubishi Electric, TOA Electronics, Alstom, and Wabtec Corporation, provide all operating software, hardware, and networking equipment.

CRRC MA adheres to the rigorous cybersecurity practices outlined in a cybersecurity analysis based on the U.S. Department of Defense’s military system safety standard.

CRRC MA partners with reputable, qualified USA system suppliers on Propulsion/Traction Control System, Auxiliary Power System, Vehicle Monitoring System, and HVAC.

All rail car builders use similar supply chains for major systems.

There’s no software on the MBTA Red and Orange Line vehicles that are manufactured by a Chinese company, including CRRC MA.

CRRC MA complies with all Buy America and technical requirements, and has successfully passed Buy America pre-award audits for all of its U.S. transit contracts.