DBE Program


CRRC MA’s mission is to ensure the inclusion and utilization of minority (MBE), women (WBE) and disadvantaged businesses enterprises (DBE) into our procurement processes.


Please complete our registration form and send it to andrews.tina@crrcma.com. Once your company has been added to our database, we will be able to contact you when potential business opportunities become available in your field. If you need additional assistance understanding the certification or registration process, please contact Tina Andrews via andrews.tina@crrcma.com

Please Note: Completing and submitting the Supplier Registration Form is not a guarantee of future business or bidding opportunities. The information submitted is NOT considered confidential.

Register Requirement 

CRRC MA is committed to working with qualified suppliers who fully meet the criteria established in our Supplier Diversity Program. We welcome all potential suppliers who can add value to our products and fulfill our requirements on a competitive basis. However, we cannot promise to transact business with all suppliers who contact us. If you are interested in registering as a diverse supplier, please confirm that your company meets the qualifying requirements below before submitting a supplier profile form. Requirements include:

  • Qualifying and certifying as a diverse supplier.
  • Offering goods and services that CRRC MA purchases – we seek suppliers that can service rail car builder needs.
  • Being prepared to qualify as a CRRC MA supplier – we have an impeccable quality inspection process.

For more information on certification , please visit one of the following organizations: