“If you are going to spy on somebody would you really use a metro car?”

– John Lewis, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Reason
– John Lewis, Center for Strategic and International Studies,

“The CRRC facility is a godsend — with high-paying jobs including benefits.”

– John Scavotto, Jr., Leader of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 63, Financial Times
– John Scavotto, Jr., Leader of the Sheet Metal Workers Local 63,

“It’s pretty exciting to watch one of those cars roll out and make their way down Page Boulevard [the Springfield street where CRRC is located].

– Kathy Brown, Head of a Neighbourhood Council in Springfield, Financial Times
– Kathy Brown, Head of a Neighbourhood Council in Springfield,

“By arbitrarily cutting off funds to any agency looking to purchase Chinese transit vehicles, Congress isn’t protecting U.S. security. It’s throwing taxpayers under the bus.

– Reporter Christian Britschgi, Reason
– Reporter Christian Britschgi,

“Targeting an already foreign-dominated, overpriced industry for further protection seems unlikely to help U.S. growth or competitiveness.

– Reporter Nathaniel Taplin, The Wall Street Journal
– Reporter Nathaniel Taplin,

“In CRRC’s case, however, it isn’t clear that the uneven playing field is harming U.S. companies or consumers. Major competitors in the U.S. railcar market are all foreign companies like Kawasaki, Alstom and Siemens.

– Reporter Nathaniel Taplin, The Wall Street Journal
– Reporter Nathaniel Taplin,

“The district of Rep. Richard Neal (D., Mass.) is home to a CRRC plant that employs 168 workers. Mr. Neal, chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, called the ban ill-considered and said national-security agencies already review public-transit vehicles to ensure they aren’t equipped with spyware.”

– Reporters Trefor Moss and Lindsay Wise, The Wall Street Journal
– Reporters Trefor Moss and Lindsay Wise,

“To me, it feels like a major diplomatic or national security spat happening in Washington. We’re forcing really innocent people in Springfield to pay the price for that.”

– Senator Eric Lesser (D-Longmeadow), WGBH
– Senator Eric Lesser (D-Longmeadow),

CRRC MA, a U.S. rail car manufacturer headquartered in Quincy, Massachusetts, has been awarded transit rail car contracts from Boston’s MBTA, Los Angeles Metro, and Philadelphia’s SEPTA. CRRC MA has established two manufacturing facilities in the U.S., including a $95M investment in Springfield, Massachusetts and a $40M investment in Los Angeles, California. As a result of CRRC’s significant investment and growth, CRRC MA’s workforce is comprised of 270 employees. The manufacturing facility in Springfield, Massachusetts employs 183 employees, including 122 union production employees. The corporation’s co-location office in Quincy, shared with and supported by the MBTA to promote collaboration and maintain transparency, employs 61.

The Springfield workforce is underway with manufacturing vehicles for the MBTA, which will be followed by the execution of the Los Angeles and Philadelphia contracts.

Progress continues with execution of CRRC MA’s awarded contracts, yet misinformation relating to our products and services spread by anti-CRRC MA politicians in Washington D.C. and CRRC MA competitors remains a distraction causing unnecessary public concern and confusion. These exaggerated, untrue claims causing additional turmoil need to be addressed. Ultimately, if these competitors’ actions remain unchecked, CRRC MA’s long-term viability in America – especially our ability to create high-wage manufacturing jobs in local communities – will be severely compromised.

Job Stats

Average CRRC MA Springfield Employee Salary: $76,944.09
Average CRRC MA Springfield Employee Fringe Cost: $33,636.74
Average CRRC MA Springfield Employee Salary & Fringe Cost: $110,580.83

An additional 38 union production workers are expected to join CRRC MA’s workforce by December of 2019, and an additional 80 union production workers are expected by September of 2020.


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