Management Team

Wang Zhaofu


Wang Zhaofu, President of CRRC MA, oversees the operations of Massachusetts’ first and only rail car manufacturing corporation.   Responsible for a 400+ workforce including all administrative functions, Mr. Wang manages the operations of the corporation’s 204,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and execution of awarded vehicle contracts from transit agencies across the United States.

Mr. Wang joined CRRC in 2004 as an engineer where he worked successfully on various rail projects paving his path to management level positions in 2009.  Mr. Wang’s understanding of critical practices and exceptional management skills enabled his rise to senior roles including: General Manager of the Metal Sheet Facility, Director of the Material Management Department, and Project Manager of the Overseas Business Department.  Mr. Wang’s expertise led to the successful delivery of international projects including the Turkish high-speed rail project and Hungary-Serbia Railway project, to name a few.

President Wang’s years of experience in rail car manufacturing continues to drive CRRC MA’s success in Springfield, Massachusetts where delivery of rail vehicles to top US transit agencies including Boston’s MBTA, Los Angeles Metro, and Philadelphia’s SEPTA continues.

Xianyi Jiang 


Mr, Xianyi Jiang is Project Director of the MBTA Orange and Red Line Project.   With years of experience, Mr. Jiang is an engineering professional with extensive knowledge in designing vehicle level integration and Integrated Control Systems for a wide range of rail systems. Additionally, he is responsible for the establishment of CRRC MA’s first North American Research and Development Center.

Mr. Jiang completed his Bachelor’s Degree of Electric Engineering and Automation at Lanzhhou Jiaotong University graduating with honors in 2008.  In 2014, he was selected to join CRRC MA’s team as Lead Electrical Engineer on the MBTA project overseeing the electrical system design.  Demonstrating his ability and expertise in engineering, Jiang rose through the ranks garnering him a promotion in 2017 to Deputy Technical Director and MBTA Project Director in 2020.

Mr. Jiang’s collaborative approach to engineering is one of sharing ideas and teamwork providing a path to the next generation subway vehicle.  His philosophy is that we have a social responsibility to share cutting edge more reliable technology with the public minimizing the gap between our daily life, advanced technology, and our everyday transportation experiences.

Eamon Walsh

Director of Procurement 

Eamon Walsh is a experienced and dedicated Procurement Professional who joined CRRCMA in August 2019.  Eamon brings to CRRCMA over 25 years of experience in the UK Rail Manufacturing environment.  He has functional responsibility for a Team of 19 Procurement Managers / Procurement Specialist and support staff based at the CRRCMA Manufacturing location in Springfield MA and at the Company Head office in Quincy MA.  He has additional functional responsibility for 26 members of the Warehousing and Logistics Team and third party personnel located at the CRRCMA Springfield Manufacturing Facility and satellite storage Facility outside of Springfield MA.

Eamon has been employed and has lived oversea for a number of years in various Multinational organizations and has gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience of many oversea manufacturing organizations.