Essential to CRRC MA’s mission is its supply chain.  

CRRC MA is committed to the creation of a more resilient and reliable supply chain.  With more than 55 U.S. suppliers in 25 states,  the corporation’s obligation to Buy America works to ensure federal investments in public infrastructure are spent in the U.S. market.  CRRC MA complies with all Buy America and technical requirements.  With projects in Boston and Los Angeles, CRRC MA continues to contribute to the local and national economy through the steady and constant growth of the corporation’s supplier base.

Interested in joining our supply chain?  You are three steps away.

Step 1. Please submit the form below and our procurement team will respond to potential suppliers within 3 business days from submission.

Step 2. CRRC MA will send NDA forms to potential new suppliers along with our New Supplier Questionnaire for supplier completion. We request supplier responses within 3 business days.

Step 3. Upon receipt of completed NDA and New Supplier Questionnaire, CRRC MA will review documents within 3 business days. If suppliers are deemed good candidates for new business, CRRC MA procurement will work with quality and the supplier to schedule an audit.

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